For Teachers

Welcome Teachers,

Here you will find updates on our outstanding campus progress since PBIS has been implemented. Please visit this page often to be familiar with our progress.

All documents and files for PBIS have been added to our shared PBIS folder on the briefcase. Please remember that rubrics will be completed online this year with the shared folder tat that you and the P.E. coaches have access to.

In order to contact the PBIS team for assistance please do one of the following:
* Reach out to your grade level PBIS representative
*Use the assistance request link to submit details about your case
(link is in Zimbra PBIS folder)
*Attend one of our meetings. Dates have been posted on the Zimbra calendar.

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 Month 2015-2016 School Year 2016-2017 School Year
 September 97.11  96
October 96.99
November 94.55
December 96.30  
January 96.16  


 Dates 2016- 2017